Answers To Two Common Newbie Wordpress Questions

Having a website is essential for any modern business. Yet, most people lack the programming knowledge needed to build their own site, and many may not have the financial resources to pay a programmer to build a custom site for them. Luckily, Wordpress is a platform that makes it easy for anyone to set up a website in a matter of minutes. One of the things that makes Wordpress so special is the range of plugins that can add functionalities to your site, but if you're new to building a website, you may have some questions about plugins. 

What Does A Wordpress Plugin Do And Why Do You Need Them?

A Wordpress plugin is essentially a program that you can add to your website to give it a functionality that it did not have before. For example, many businesses want to capture potential customers' email addresses, and to do this, you can install a plugin that adds this feature to your site. 

Without the availability of useful Wordpress plugins, you would be forced to have all of the features on your website programmed by hand. In addition to being highly expensive, this makes it hard to get support when you need it, but these issues are avoided by simply using plugins. 

Does It Matter If You Use Older Plugins?

When searching for the plugin you need, you will likely come across plugins that are old and no longer supported by the developer. While these plugins may seem like a suitable option for your needs, using them can result in a major security risk for your website. By using an outdated plugin, it may be possible for hackers or other cyber criminals to exploit your website to steal information or spread viruses. 

To avoid these issues, you should only use plugins that are currently being actively maintained. Whether it is an open source or a commercial plugin, using the latest version will help keep your website safe from hackers. For those instances where you are unable to find an updated plugin that meets your needs, you will likely be able to hire a coder to update the older version of the plugin. 

Using Wordpress to power your website can be one the easiest ways to have a secure and visually pleasing website for your business. However, most people lack experience making websites, and this may lead them to assume this task will be harder or more expensive than it really will. Knowing these answers to basic questions will help you better assess how a Wordpress site can meet your business's needs.