Take Your Advertising To A Whole New Level

When it comes to drumming up business, a lot of it depends on your advertising methods. With the use of the Internet and technology, the number of ways to advertise are growing exponentially. Taking advantage of these avenues can help grow sales for your company. While the conventional methods of advertising still work for many companies, there are some great ways that aren't so common that can really increase your business growth. 

Rent Ad Space on Social Media Sites

Social media sites are a great way to reach the masses. While it is common for companies to buy small ad spaces located in different pages, if you want to try a new avenue, you can opt for renting ad space on someone's social media account. One of the best ways to increase interest in your company is by getting referrals. When potential customers see that someone that they trust is suggesting your company, they are much more likely to do business with you. 

Aerial Advertising

Billboards are a thing of the past nowadays. When you are searching for a new way to get potential customer's attention, aerial advertising offers a unique option. This is often seen around the coast where planes will fly by with long banners advertising a great special at a restaurant or a discount at a show. If you have a group of tourists hanging around with pockets full of money, this is a great way to do some effective advertising. 

Charity Sponsoring

When it comes to marketing your company, you want to give the public a great impression. One way to do this is by sponsoring a charity event. This lets customers know you really do care about helping the community. 85% of people have a better impression of a company when they are involved in charity. from hosting charity golf events to participating in a 5K, there are many types of charity events that your company can participate in. 

Public Restrooms

One of the most unique ways of advertising is by showing your ad in a public bathroom. Many people hit up the restrooms when they are out to either use the bathroom or wash their hands. Many restaurants and other businesses offer ad space in their bathrooms. If you see a popular restaurant that doesn't have advertising available, you may want to talk to them about allowing you to advertise for a small fee. This can help get your name out quicker.