4 Types Of Trade Show Displays

Local marketing includes a variety of strategies that help you connect with your potential target market and network with like minded business owners. One way to increase your local marketing is by attending a trade show. At the trade show, you will rent a booth space, but will most likely be responsible for bringing your own displays, tables, tents, and anything else you need. Here are some of the more common displays and booth set-ups available for trade shows.


A panel system is one of the most popular and commonly-used displays for trade show booths. The reason is it is so widely used is because it provides you a solid and stable back wall. Most booths are open, so it is up to you to create a temporary wall for hanging various displays and products. The panel display has a solid structure, so it takes longer to put up, but it will be able to handle a good amount of weight. The back wall of the panel can be used to hang lightweight shelves with products, a screen if you are planning on showing a presentation of how your product works, or lighting and decorative items.


A pop-up display is very similar to the panel display, but it is less structurally sound. It still provides a great wall space in the back of your booth if you want to hang a banner or show examples of your products, but it won't be able to hold as much weight. On the bright side, these tend to be less expensive and go up faster. There is a simple frame that opens up and you can add graphic or fabric panels once the frame is up. Some of these pop-up panels already include hooks or holders to hang shelves for your display.


If you want to have an attractive structure to your display and the ability to have hanging displays, you should consider getting a truss. A truss is a structure that includes a variety of posts at the top going in multiple directions. These posts will let you install hanging displays and hooks for items you are showcasing during the tradeshow. You can also get the truss powder-coated, which provides a color to match your logo. Some trusses also include logos and other graphics to make them unique.

Custom-Printed Tent

Tents are great for trade shows where the booths are located outside or if you want to enclose your own booth to create more privacy. When choosing a tent, consider getting one custom-printed. These include large and colorful graphics with your business name and logo, or photographs of your business products. You can choose the colors and graphics you want to choose. Printing companies are able to print as much or as little as you want on the tents. It helps them stand out and entices visitors of the trade show to come over toy our booth.

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