3 Ways To Effectively Enhance The Success Of Arena Advertising

If you have a product that you want to get the word out about, you may try various types of marketing avenues. While you could go with a standard billboard along the side of the highway and opt for mobile ads, you may want to consider an advertising campaign at a sporting event center or sports arena. This opens you and your business up to a large scale of customers that you may have been unable to reach otherwise. However, as with any marketing campaign, it is crucial that you take additional steps to ensure the success of the advertisement. Here are three ways you can increase the value of your arena advertising:

1. Go for the Long Haul.

When you purchase an ad in an arena, you will be given one of two options: a single game advertisement or a full-season commitment. While the single game advertisement may be tempting since it will cost less, it is more beneficial to spend the additional money for the advertising spot that will last the entire season. This makes sense because of the repetition of the advertisement, especially for the patrons who keep coming back game after game to the arena. If things go well in the first season, consider committing to a longer purchase, such as two or three years.

2. Set Up a Booth in the Arena.

Don't hesitate to also rent a booth from the arena so that you can have your products on sale right there at the location where people are currently hearing or seeing your advertisement. With your product immediately available to them, it is likely going to increase the chances of sales that you make because they'll be able to learn more about your product immediately rather than waiting until they leave the arena. Therefore, it enhances the overall success of your arena advertisement.

3. Don't Be Below Giving Samples.

Many companies don't give out samples because they think it costs their company too much money. However, they could actually be hurting their business and their sales. If you're at the arena where your advertisement is placed, it can be really beneficial to offer free samples to patrons. Why you ask? Well, in a way, free samples act as a "bribe" to customers. It helps them to eliminate any doubt that they may have with your product. Overall, this leads to a higher chance of them purchasing the product in the future outside of the arena.

Whether you're displaying your ad on the scoreboards, in the replay screen shots, courtside, dioramas or something else entirely, arena advertising can be very effective for your business if done right. It is usually best to consult with a professional marketing and advertising agency to get help in designing the perfect ad campaign and to see it through.