First Time At A Trade Show? Things To Include In Your Display

Starting a new business is daunting enough without trying to figure out what types of advertising and promotional work you should do. Take trade shows, for example. These are awesome places to advertise your skills, products, etc., but to the newbie, they are a nightmare to navigate. If you are doing your very first trade show ever, here are some things to include in your trade show displays that really make them, and you, stand out.


Everybody loves free stuff. People gravitate toward every trade show display that has something free. It does not matter if it is a bowl of foil-wrapped chocolate candy or pencils and tote bags with your information and business logo on them. People snap up free stuff whenever and wherever possible. If you can swing it, put out the bowl of candy, but have free totes, pencils, pens, refrigerator magnets and other very useful freebies on the tables too. Potential customers and clients will stand there and read stuff while grabbing candy and freebies, and that gives you an opportunity to strike up a conversation with them and keep them at your booth for a while.

Signs, Banners, Etc.

Shout it loud and proud. You want everyone in attendance to see exactly what your business is about, but they cannot unless you invest in signs, banners, table runners and the like. Companies that make trade show display products will be able to help you get exactly the right size, font, wording and material for your trade show advertising needs. The best part is that these items are totally reusable, so as long as you do not put specific dates on them, you can reuse them for any future trade shows.

High-Tech Stuff

When it comes to high-tech stuff like light shows, pixel screens and digital side-scrolling screens, people are like deer in headlights. They can sit and watch that all day. If you really want to draw attention to your trade show booth, hire a tech person to create something really incredible that trade show attendees will be talking about for months afterwards. Trade show display companies can provide you with the equipment, but generally they do not create the show-stopping material that you can present with this equipment.

Upright vs. Flat Display of Reading Materials

If you decide to print off reading materials for customers/clients, you should display these in an upright pamphlet case. Leaving them flat on the table makes them uninteresting, and therefore of less value to passers-by. Pamphlet display cases pay for themselves with the first couple of customers or clients who purchase from you, so it is worth the investment.

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