Create Fun, Heroic Radio Ads for Your Comic Book Store

Comic book movies are currently red-hot in terms of popularity, and comic book fans love to hear more about upcoming superhero movies. So, it is no surprise that podcasts covering the superhero movie craze draw in big audiences. A more ambitious would-be host may choose to launch an AM or FM radio show covering the topic. A radio program comes off as a more legitimate and professional show. The legitimacy then extends to advertisers. Comic book store owners interested in connecting with an audience could explore opportunities to advertise on the radio. Placing ads in a pop culture radio program can work, but only if the radio ads truly capture listeners' attention.

Plan a Comic Book–Worthy Creative Campaign

Comic book historians blame the 1960s Silver Surfer comic book's failure on the character's propensity to deliver long-winded sermonizing speeches. Readers want action in a comic book. They aren't interested in boring soliloquies. Similarly, radio advertising promoting a comic book store shouldn't just name the store and provide an address. Instead, comic book store owners benefit from creative concepts such as the following:

  1. Ride current movies' coattails. When a new movie hits theater screens, fans have that movie on the mind. Plan ahead to create commercials that coincide with the film's release and hype. Hawking Batman and the Justice League may not be effective as people are psyched for Black Panther and the Avengers. Instead, when the next Avengers film arrives, release a commercial promoting new Avengers comic books and tie-in merchandise.
  2. Weaving interview clips. Commercials featuring celebrities don't always come with an outright endorsement. Sometimes, interview clips may be weaved into an advertisement. Has the comic book shop hosted a creative professional for an autograph signing? Interviewing him or her and interspersing excerpts—with permission—in a radio ad could capture attention.
  3. Talk news and upcoming events. Mention something interesting that happened in the comic book world. Has Marvel chosen to reboot its entire universe with a new crossover event? Does DC plan on shaking up the Superman books with a bold new direction? Promote the storylines—and the sale of the books—in your commercials. Be aware of one thing here: the chosen topic must be one that remains relevant for the number of weeks the commercial runs in the rotation.

Coming up with a cool concept for a radio commercial isn't enough. Professional production values are a must. Putting a commercial together with computer software might prove lacking. Work with a professional radio sponsorship firm. This way, the final result is an awesome commercial capable of moving listeners.