Marketing Through a Variety of Traditional and Modern Techniques

When it comes to marketing for your nonprofit organization, it's important to reach out to your supporters in a range of ways. While your younger audience may be using social media to interact with your nonprofit, older individuals may prefer printed materials such as brochures and postcards to receive information. To reach the widest range of people possible, it is going to benefit your nonprofit to develop a marketing strategy that implements the use of social media, email, text messaging, and standard mail. If you are connected to your audience, you are going to make it easier to communicate through a variety of platforms.

Building Community Through Social Media

One of the best ways to grow your base of support through marketing efforts is to use social media effectively. While all of your followers may not be using social media, many people are using it. You can set up your nonprofit organization on a variety of sites to see what works for you. Once you create a page, you can share relevant content to engage your followers and get a conversation started. As your audience grows, you will see how effective social media can be. 

Text Messaging for Your Non Profit

When you are in the business of helping others, a text messaging campaign can be a great way to impact your audience. You can set up an opt-in text messaging campaign that allows you to send a text message to anyone who subscribes. If you have an emergency, such as a local disaster that needs financial support, you can send out a quick link to your followers about the emergency and ask for donations that go directly to the disaster relief.

Printed Materials to Provide Information

Some individuals prefer postcard marketing for nonprofits and other agencies as a way to learn more about the nonprofit. This is an effective way to reach out, introduce an event, or to share information about your social media or opt-in campaigns. When you integrate the ways in which you share information, you will be able to reach the widest range of people possible.

Marketing is always changing, and being able to reach your audience is essential. Your nonprofit organization can do great work, but only with the solid support of your audience. Learn new ways to reach your supporters, but also rely on the methods that are tried and true, such as postcard marketing.